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The Batesville Deanery Center serves 19 parishes in 6 counties located in the southeastern portion of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Our mission seeks to inform, educate and support...

On Thursday March 12, 2009 pilgrims from around the deanery traveled to the Basilica of St. Francis Xavier in Vincennes, Indiana. St. Francis Xavier parish, the oldest church congregation...

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Deanery Staff

Kara Tsuleff is the Program and Education Coordinator for the Deanery.

Kara Tsuleff

Eva Roll is the Librarian and Program Assistant for the Deanery.

Eva Roll


The Batesville Deanery Resource Center has served the parishes in the Batesville Deanery for many years, providing a host of catechetical resources along with various programming. We are thankful for the many years of service of the dedicated staff who have served the center over the years.

After much discussion and prayer, the priests and parish life coordinators have decided to discontinue the Deanery Center effective June 30, 2019.  Much has changed in recent decades. Technology, new parish partnerships, larger parish staffs, and other advancements have enabled parishes themselves to offer resources and services in a more economical way, and in a way that was not possible in the earlier days of the center.

The priests and parish life coordinators intend to continue to support shared catechetical ministries within the deanery.  Therefore, some programming currently offered by the Deanery Center will continue as shared ministries, hosted by various parishes.  Existing cohorts will continue to work together.  As we near June 30, parish leaders will have the chance to visit the center on scheduled days and take items which they believe will benefit their parish programs.

This will be a time of transition. As we say goodbye to the center that has served us so well, we ask for your prayers for the staff during this time of transition. We all remain very grateful for the work and commitment they have offered in service to this ministry.


   Blessings and peace,
Fr. Mike Keucher, VF